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A Greener Refill offers Businesses customized programs to help you Save Time, Money and the Planet.

1) grenk

A Greener Refill is offering businesses a one-of-a -kind, complete lifecycle, zero landfill waste program which enables them to tangibly track and report on their eco-initiatives.  This is such a unique program we have dedicated a complete webpage for you to learn more.

2) Easy Order System

A Greener Refill is offering businesses an online ordering system unlike the rest. Sign up today for this free service and begin saving time and money with your print cartridge ordering.

What is it?

  • Customized online ordering system which utilizes a simple desktop icon on your computer – no software to install.
  • Upfront we collect all the pertinent office information – printer details, shipping details, etc. To make ordering even easier you tell us what you want each printer to be named (i.e. Accounting Main Laser, Sally’s desktop).
  • Once we load this information into our online ordering system you receive an email with your office web link (desktop icon) to use for all future orders.


- Save time, money and frustration!

  • No more wasted time driving to the store to purchase your cartridges or endless minutes on the phone placing your order.
  • Eliminates the hassle of remembering what printers/cartridges you use.
  • Removes the frustration of struggling through web pages to not only find your cartridges but then the additional time needed to fill in the various order forms, delivery forms and payment forms.

- Ability to place orders 24x7 using secure logins.

- Receive instant email confirmation of your order.

You get all the above benefits in a simple three step process:

3 Simple Steps

Please feel free to contact A Greener Refill for more information or any questions you may have.

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