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How to Reduce Your Printing Footprint

While it might seem strange that a company which makes a living by selling ink and toner cartridges would discuss how to print less. A Greener Refill looks at it from a different point of view. A Greener Refill truly believes in reducing the overall footprint of the printing industry and its product line is fully in tune with this concept. If the consumer is aware of the various options out there and understands the impact of each, we are confident that more and more people will start buying remanufactured cartridges while still reducing the amount they print.

With this said, here are a few ways you can both decrease the amount of ink and toner you use AND reduce the amount of paper you use.

Print Only What You Need

How many times have you print out an entire document or website when all you were interested in was a certain section? Why not consider printing only that particular section? You can do this by highlighting the specific areas you need. Then, when you select print, check the “Selection” box before continuing with your printing.

Print in Draft Mode

Usually the printer manufacturers set the print quality default mode to “best” or “high quality” (which makes sense since these manufacturers want to showcase the quality of their printers). The catch is that this “high quality” mode uses a lot of ink. For print outs which don’t need such high quality you can use the printer’s “draft mode.” Draft mode printouts are generally lighter in tone, allowing your printer to use much less ink than it otherwise would. So, unless your document needs to be of the highest quality consider using draft mode to conserve both black and color ink cartridges.

Use Print Preview

Another very easy way to reduce many extra pages from being printed is to utilize your Print Preview option. This option will show you exactly what pages are being printed and will help you greatly reduce the amount of black printer ink you use (and paper).

Print using less color

Only print in color when necessary. Printing web pages are a good example when you are only interested in the text, but there are color pictures/advertisements/etc. which you don’t care about the color. Your printer properties should have a black and white only option.

Use Black for Black

You might not be aware of this, but your color cartridge has the capabilities of printing the color black. This might sound great, but not when you consider how much ink is used to print black from a color cartridge. So, when your black cartridge runs out of ink be sure to replace it as soon as possible since many printers will automatically use your color ink cartridge to make black ink.

To help you avoid running out of ink and toner A Greener Refill offers discounts on multiple cartridge purchases (discounts are clearly shown for each cartridge prior to checkout).

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